People hate

the fridge, the open of the fridge and the 4 layers of disaster    coders from India    people on twitter who announce who unfollowed them    Chaz Bono    Having ice-cream in Winter    Football    for testing only    something    my life    people    Ketchup in restaurants    squinty fuckers    moving    Casey Anthony    when wind blows in the face and my eyes water and I look like I'm crying    when I borrow stuff to people and they don't give it back    people who judge me without knowing me    Shia Laboeuff    Losers    LIARS!!!!!    HOW SELENA GOMEZ IS DATING JUSTIN BIEBER!! HE CAN DO WAY WAY BETTER!!!    when my parents say You don't know what you want yet    New Yahoo mail    high school    When people think they're being funny.    People who are Greedy    I Hate it When People Don't Pay Attention    FACEBOOK    waking up from a great dream and not remembering what it was about    Mark Zuckerberg!!!!!    women who think getting married is the biggest accomplishment    Britney's new song I wanna go    gays    when people say " you wouldn't understand"    having meal alone    Jesse James's confessions    Mariah Carrey's baby names    Obama's FAKE birth certificate    Taylor Momsen    Willow Smith    Peta    my neighbour    Olivia Palermo    to lose    I hate Petrom (Romanian petroleum company)    Lidsay Lohan's Dad!    cults and sects and anything in between    Paris Hilton!!!!!    that society alows gays to adopt children    beein an hypocrite     Society imposed ideals    when people overuse a word    Hugh Hefner from now and what he stands for    people who refer to themselves in the third person    Christmas!    everything emo    socks with flip flops    being asked stupid questions    internet slang    patriotic people    stupid baby names    girls who can' take a hint    people who think they're gangsters    The girls at the playboy mansion    Andy Rodick    Snookie    Thanksgiving    love songs    LADY GAGA    that in our generation it all come down to looks    black girls with an attitude    iPhone 4    My ex    People who wear fake stuff    screaming kids in restaurants!!!    blondes    when I can't find shit    break-ups    waiting for a phone call    Internet Explorer    smokers    getting stuff for free    slow computers    waking up for school!    I hate waking up during a great dream    Latin women    Girls who take sexy pictures of themselves with the camera phone     Spencer and Heidi Pratt     Twilight    Ke$ha    my JOB!    people who sing along to songs    people who make peace signs     Kim Kardashian     Obama    coffee in the morning    pick up lines    verbal threats on the internet    telemarketers    fat people    Perez Hilton    school    people who wear sunglasses indoors    rude people    Justin Bieber    my dog    sleeping late    Kanye West    people with bad breath    Commercials     Chromeo - Don't Turn The Lights On    Love is in the air    I hate my iPhone 4    Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens Split - FINALLY!!!    I hate Lil Wayne   

being asked stupid questions    Lidsay Lohan's Dad!    Girls who take sexy pictures of themselves with the camera phone     Kim Kardashian     Christmas!    when I can't find shit    The girls at the playboy mansion    fat people    people with bad breath    Commercials     Justin Bieber                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

People love

The "Folk you" Festival    Google +    test    CORRIDOR (AKA. ISOLERAD) 2010 movie    test 1    saxcas    Seeds of Freedom - 30 min documentary    grumpy cat!    this ibex    beyonce gave birth to a baby girl!!!    screaming    new hate test post    Ready Movie    Bollywood    Being a Human    blabla    when family comes to visit    Bruce Springsteen    Tanner Pitcher    mermaids!!!    Google+    Cheesecake    Phone Booth - the movie    Chatroulette    The Red Hot Chilly Peppers!!!!!    Megan Fox    restaurant bans kids under 6    Kloe Kardashian    Hermes bags    David Beckham    Austin Powers    Jim Carrey    Jenna Marbles ( look her up on youtube )    Coma cat song from Tensnake    the new chick from Transformers    CHOCOLATE    the main theme from Madagascar    The smell of fertilizer in the morning    Rafael Nadal    John Malkovic    MARK RONSON    Strutter    asian women    Weird Al Jankovic    Japan    Alexis Blendel    KCS Cougar    Sasha Grey    Sunday mornings    the royal wedding    cats    Charlie Sheen    mexican food    bad girls    pumpkin pie    pumpkin pie    Decorating the Christmas tree    asian food!    Michael Buble    icecream :)    funny guys    shopping at Hot Topic    Shane Dawson    going to the spa    white shirts    Kat von D    chocolate pecan cake     Javier Bardem    american men    the olympics    the carnival in Brasil    fashion    Michael Phelps    the sea    coffee    Red Bull    Shopping    my boyfriend    sushi    hugs    meeting online buddies in person    Alex Jones    pranks    apple pie    make up sex    russian girls    girls with big booty   

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    0:27 is the funniest shit I heard in a while. this guy is sick!

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    0:25 is the best part. It’s like the ibex thought about what the guy said for a second…but then pfffftttt! hahahaha! I’m laughing so hard it hurts!

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    “would u like to have a suckle of my zipple?” :) I know I would! hahahahahaha